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Citizen Development is a method that hides the sophistication and complexity of coding but empowers subject matter experts to design, develop, and deploy applications into production as though they were full-on, experienced coders. Also known as low-code/no-code (LC/NC), this approach leverages recent advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to hide code complexity while delivering on code functionality. Citizen Development empowers individuals within organisations to create and deliver opportunities for change and eliminate inefficient processes.

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Have you adopted or are you planning to adopt Citizen Development within your organisation? Would you like to receive free independent (academic) feedback on how you are positioned through the Citizen Development Index tool.


We are collaborating with the Project Management Institute to investigate how organisations have adopted citizen development and current efforts to assess its impact on digital transformation initiatives.​ We would like to get your views as the practitioners of Citizen Development (…from the trenches) on your plans or experience with Citizen Development initiatives.


By completing this simple survey, you can evaluate how Citizen Development is being utilised within your organisation and whether you are meeting its full potential at various maturity levels. Alternatively, if your organisation is considering the adoption of Citizen Development, this survey will provide you with an organisational readiness assessment for the adoption of Citizen Development. You will also be provided with some advice on how best to move forward with preparing for the adoption of Citizen Development or with the advance to the next stage of maturity.


All information will be treated confidentially and your identity will not be revealed through the data gathered. You will have an option to add your details (name and email) if you wish for us to have a follow-up call to discuss your results further.

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